Are you living in a council or housing association house in a poor condition?

Your landlords must keep your house in a good state of repair. If you live in a council or housing association house get in touch with us to get your house repaired.

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About Us

Who we are

Hello and welcome to Tenant Assist, we help tenants in England & Wales to get repairs done and claim compensation for Housing Disrepair.

If you are a council or housing association tenant, there are very strict legal requirements to ensure your landlord keeps your property in a good state of repair.

If you have complained to your landlord and they have failed to repair the property, we can help get the repairs complete.

Not only will they be legally obliged to carry out the works, but they will also have to pay compensation to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get free advice?

We offer free, no-obligation advice to everyone who contacts us as standard. If you are unsure you can receive advice over email on

Am I entitled to compensation?

If the disrepair has inconvenienced you seriously and you have suffered through ill health, personal injury or your personal belongings have been damaged then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Some examples of ill health/personal injury include asthma; coughs and colds; depression; anxiety; gastro-intestinal problems and carbon monoxide poisoning among much more.

What happens after my claim?

After your claim goes through, all of the required work will be carried out by your landlord within a set time frame so you can live in your property as set out by the law. We will deal with your landlords on your behalf.

Does it matter who my landlord is?

Yes, we can only help people who rent their homes from housing associations or the council.

What happens when I make a claim?

We collect details of your property and its disrepair over the phone or email and then arrange a s surveyor to view your property. We then act for you to get the work complete.

Just a fraction of what we can help with

What we can help you with

Water Pipes

Including baths, toilets or any installation using water and their drainage.


Are your internal and external windows secure and safe? Are they generally in a good state of repair?

Structure & Exterior of Premises

Including  external pipes for supplies of water, gas, electricity and sanitation. Is the structure of a good state of repair?

Vermin Infestations

Do you have a regular problem with vermin through no fault of your own?

Damp Issues

Do you have damp on your walls or in your bathroom/kitchen?


Has your central heating not been working for some time? Is your hot water reliable?

Electrical Wiring

Have you been left with no electricity for long periods? Do you have exposed or loose wires?

Roofs and Drains/Gutters

Is your roof leaking? Are there slipped roof tiles? Are your gutters blocked or do your drains block or smell?

Case law

Examples of Housing Disrepair Claims

Armes v Real Property Co Limited (Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court)

A two bedroom flat in a Victorian terrace conversion was suffering from dampness to walls and floors in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and one of the bedrooms for many years. In addition, there had been a number of leaks into the property from various sources.  The landlord disputed notice but lost on that point at trial.

The Judge awarded £18,161 (general damages of £15,701 representing a 30% reduction in rental liability over a six year period and special damages for £2,460) and ordered specific performance of repair works.

Coleman v Peabody Trust (Lambeth County Court)

Damages sought in respect of two bedroom flat with cracked and defective windows throughout the premises from the end of 2009 until August 2014.

Claim settled for approximately 23% of the rent for the period (£7,500).

Lawrence v Lambeth LBC (Lambeth County Court)

Secure tenant of a four bedroom flat claimed disrepair in respect of the poor condition of windows, which let in water and had mould growth around them.

Limitation took effect from May 2007.  Patch repairs carried out in June 2012.

Central heating defective for several years and remedied in December 2011.  Intermittent leak under the sink and from behind the toilet.  Infestation of mice for around four years.

The landlord defended on the basis that the standard of repair was commensurate with the property’s age, condition and status.

Claim settled for a global figure of £12,500 (£9,500 general damages equating to approximately 20% of the rent, £1,500 for exacerbation of asthma due to damp conditions and £1,500 special damages).

Our team

Behind the scenes

From day 1 you will be speaking with specialists who will take your instructions and details and pass them through to our partner solicitors. We then work alongside local, qualified surveyors who will act for you on a no win no fee agreement to get your repairs completed and get compensation from your landlord.

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